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Training & Boarding

All of the Blaine Kennels boarding & training staff are friendly, happy pet owners with the expertise to read your pet and make sure their needs are met. You can be assured that someone is always on-site, making sure your pet is safe.

Boarding - $32.00 per calendar day
Training - $199 for 6 week Obedience Classes

We track your dog's eating habits, potty time, notes on overall day, and medicine application (if applicable).

We have four separate outdoor play areas. Your dog will be separated by size and personality, to ensure a fun play time.

We take pride in making sure that your dog is individually cared for and looked after!

We take great pride in our training success rate. We take dogs that other people won't - regardless of special instructions.

Online Reservations - an online account management system for your scheduling convenience.

We have 3 separate indoor play areas for the dogs. Your dog will be separated based on size and personality. We do this to ensure a fun play time.

We sanitize each of our indoor play areas, 3 times a day, to provide a clean and safe environment for all of our dogs.

At our Blaine Kennels facility, we have heated floors and provide Kuranda beds to keep your dog happy and comfortable.


We have been training dogs for 25 years. Our trainers have over 50 years of combined experience.
We have many returning customers coming back with their 3rd and 4th dog to go through our training classes.

Obedience Classes

We focus on basic commands & communication
such as sit, heel, and stay. We try
to keep class sizes small and limit to only 6 dogs per class.

Confidence Course

Blaine Kennels Dog Park is a
private & exclusive membership
only area to work and play with
your little companion.

Dog Squad Training

Our approach to working with
hard-to-train dogs allows a level of
communication & understanding you
won't get with other methods.

Free Training Evaluation

We will set up a time to meet with
you and your dog to see where there may
be room for improvement. The best way
for a puppy to learn is through consistency.

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We offer fun, small-sized, evening classes.