Find Peace in Your Relationship With Your Dog

Your dog should never be a source of anxiety, chaos, or stress in your home. Instead, there should be mutual comfort in your relationship with your dog. Using the power of the pack, we help our clients find joy in their relationship with their dog.

When your dog feels fulfilled it can relax.

A confident dog that follows their human is relaxed. We can help your dog find balance and teach you how to maintain that balance when your dog returns home with you.

Mindfulness isn’t just for people.

Dogs live in the moment. They can let go of a negative experience or fear at any time, under the right conditions. Once you help them move past what they have issues with, they’re done with it and ready to move on.  You have to be the change that you want your dog to follow. When you join our pack, we will help you see your dog’s future rather than its past.

Are You Ready for the Challenge?

Daycare & Enrichment

Our daily enrichment program is more than daycare. When you drop your dog off every day, they are learning a new way of life, how to be calm and be a part of a pack.

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Dog Boarding

At Blaine Kennels, your dog won’t be sitting in a cage all day. It will be exercised, mentally stimulated, and engaged. Our structured environment provides a calm, peaceful energy that dogs immediately feel. 

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Evaluation & Private Lessons

During your dog’s evaluation we develop a custom plan that will meet your dog’s unique needs. Then we integrate this into private lessons that will help you to have the relationship you have always wanted with your pet.

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DogSquad Board & Train

Our Dog Squad is a four to six week intensive doggy “Boot Camp” for any level of training needed. Your pet will stay with us and is worked several times each day by different members of our training staff.
Now Offering Financing! 

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