About Us

Our Story

Blaine Kennels is a full-service Boarding, Training, and Daycare & Enrichment facility. It opened in 1998, making it one of the first pet care facilities in the area. We took what began as a bird dog training program and transitioned it into a behavioral training and boarding kennel.
We completely renovated it in 2018, including adding soundproofing. Since then, we have continuously updated the kennels. We provide a clean, safe, and calm environment for your pets. We are conveniently located just 10 minutes north of theTwin Cities in Blaine, Minnesota. Owners Thomas and Jackie live on-site.

Our Property

Our property features 12 separate outdoor yards. Each provides confidence-building challenges. We have five-acres that border beautiful wetlands. There are plenty of trees, bushes, grass, and various local critters that will keep your dog exploring for hours

We developed a team with years of experience. This team is consistent from one day to the next and from one trainer to the next. Consistency means that your dog will know what to expect and what is expected of them. This clarity is vital because a confused dog is a chaotic dog. A clear-minded dog is a calm dog.


We wanted to do more to help families have healthy relationships between dogs and their owners. We found out about a trainer named Cesar Millan, “the Dog Whisperer,” and we wanted to learn his techniques and philosophy of dog training. So, we sent a team member to train with Millan for two weeks.  After seeing the results of the training, we wanted to learn more. We wanted to integrate Millan’s principles into the way we work with dogs and their owners. At Millan’s ranch in California, we found a mentor there who would later travel from Florida to Minnesota to train our staff for two years. This became the foundation of everything we do at Blaine Kennels.

We would love to help you and your dog

Daycare & Enrichment

Our daily enrichment program is more than daycare. When you drop your dog off every day, they are learning a new way of life, how to be calm and be a part of a pack.

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Dog Boarding

At Blaine Kennels, your dog won’t be sitting in a cage all day. It will be exercised, mentally stimulated, and engaged. Our structured environment provides a calm, peaceful energy that dogs immediately feel. 

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Evaluation & Private Lessons

During your dog’s evaluation we develop a custom plan that will meet your dog’s unique needs. Then we integrate this into private lessons that will help you to have the relationship you have always wanted with your pet.

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DogSquad Board & Train

Our Dog Squad is a four-week intensive doggy “Boot Camp” for any level of training needed. Your pet will stay with us and is worked several times each day by different members of our training staff.
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