Dog Boarding

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Taking the boring out of boarding

We don’t do boarding like everyone else. Here, your dog won’t be sitting in a cage all day—they’ll be exercised, mentally stimulated, and engaged. We have purposefully designed the five acres surrounding our facility to create every dog’s dream playground. While we allow dogs to romp and play, the foundation of all we do is providing a structured environment so wherever your dog is, whatever they’re doing, there is a calm, peaceful energy that they immediately feel. When your dog boards with us you can enjoy your time away knowing they’re with a fantastic team of professionals in a place mindfully designed to be stress-free and enjoyable.

When your dog boards with us they get a staff of experienced trainers, personal attention, creature comforts and plenty of fun. Read more about our facility and property here.  By default, our boarding dogs are kept separate from other dogs unless they have been approved for daycare or are boarding with a packmate.  Our lobby is closed to the public/open by appointment only – if you’d like to come check us out, please schedule a tour.

Our boarding experience

  • Online account management system is easy and convenient from scheduling to payment
  • Separate outdoor training and  play areas
  • Multiple separate indoor play areas
  • 5-acre property full of wildlife offers an enriching environment for your dogs
  • Professional, veterinary-grade cleaning products and procedures meet or exceed CDC guidelines 
  • Heated floors, Kuranda beds and high quality natural treats provided
  • We take dogs that other people won’t – regardless of special instructions

We have a variety of boarding options for you to choose from, to ensure each dog has a great stay with us.  Check out your options and the pricing here

Boarding Details

  • Please make sure the food/treats you bring along can fit into a standard milk crate (unless your reservation is a longer stay) – every dog is assigned a milk crate to hold their belongings
  • Only bring their collar, leash, food, medication, treats, hard bones (no rawhides) – we cannot accept blankets or beds
  • If you forgot to add feeding and/or medication instructions when you made your reservation, no worries!  Shoot us an email and we can update your reservation for you😀
  • Checkout time is 12pm – if you pick up after then, a $20 half-day boarding charge will be added to your total
  • We will run the card we have on file after pick-up
  • Let us know when you are on your way & have arrived with the Curbside function on our mobile app – or call our drop-off/pick-up line posted on the parking signs once you are in the parking lot

What to Expect

Once you arrive, you’ll either let us know via the Curbside function on the mobile app or call our drop-off/pick-up line..  We will meet you in the black fenced entrance in front of the building to hand-off your dog(s) and any belongings. 

If you need to get in touch with us during your dog’s stay, please either text us at 763-786-3616 or shoot us an email.

Our lobby remains closed/appointment only.

If you haven’t already, please download our mobile app (links below).  The Curbside option is super handy to let us know when you are on your way & when you have arrived.  Login and password are the same as your owner portal. Your user name is your email if you have never changed it or set it up. Hit password reset if you are not sure and then check your email.



Boarding Hours

Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 7:00 pm

Saturday – 8:00 am – noon

Sunday – 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Experience Blaine Kennels


Our online account management system makes all aspects of your dog’s care easy and convenient from scheduling to payment.


We have multiple separate outdoor training and play areas. 


We have separate indoor play areas for the dogs in our daycare packs. 


Expanded cleaning procedures meet or exceed CDC guidelines using professional veterinary grade cleaning products. 


Our heated floors, Kuranda beds and high quality natural treats keep your dog happy and comfortable.


Our 5-acre property is full of wildlife and maintained in a manner that offers the most enriching environment for your dogs while maintaining healthy local biodiversity.


We take dogs that other people won’t – regardless of special instructions.

“They literally made my wife cry the first time she saw our headstrong pitbull after spending four nights there. Our pit was a completely different dog and they took the time to give us some tips that are worth 100 times what we paid to kennel her. Amazing staff!”