Daycare & Enrichment

Dog With Harness Jumping

Don’t call it “daycare.” The dogs get offended!
It’s enrichment.

Blaine Kennels is a full-service Boarding, Training, and Daycare & Enrichment facility. Our five-acre property has an abundance of wildlife. We maintain it in a manner that allows healthy, local biodiversity, with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. This also provides an enriching environment for your dogs to thrive as they learn how to be a member of the pack with confidence, security and tranquility.

Dogs need to release their energy, so playtime and exercise are a key part of their well-being. Your dog will be separated by size and personality to ensure a fun playtime. We’ll work with your dogs in a variety of environments and groups. We can continue to train, even when the weather doesn’t cooperate, thanks to multiple separate indoor training areas. We’ll even teach your dog to safely walk on a treadmill so they can get plenty of exercise, regardless of how cold it may get outside. And our prices are competitive.

Dogs in our daily enrichment program learn how to function in a pack.

Our daily enrichment program is more than daycare. When you drop your dog off every day, they are learning a new way of life, how to be calm and be a part of a pack. This is the way that dogs were meant to relate to one another. You might say, “I only have one dog. Why does he need to know how to behave in a pack?” Because it’s crucial to your relationship with them. In your home, you will be the pack leader. Being part of the pack means having responsibilities and reaping the rewards. Are you ready for this? Your dog is!

Kind Words

“Holy smokes this place is amazing! They were so professional and quick to help get my fur baby registered easily. When we showed up Lois got personal attention and Thomas was nice enough to show me the facility since it was our first visit. Throughout the day (since I was that crazy mom that emailed asking about my baby) I got quick email replies and even pics of my sweetie playing with other dogs! I couldn’t have been happier with the experience and my puppy snoring next to me on the way home proved she couldn’t have been happier either. Thanks Blaine Kennel Team for helping the center of my life have an amazing day while I was at work.”