Daycare & Enrichment

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Enrichment—the next-level daycare experience your dog needs.

No one’s crying at drop-off here. Our facility and five-acre property is what your dog is really dreaming about. Dogs that spend their days with us get to release their energy through playtime and exercise—key parts of being fulfilled and happy.

We separate dogs by size and personality to make sure that playtime is safe and fun for everyone with well-matched playmates. We’ll work with your dog in a variety of environments and groups between our separate outdoor yards or, when the weather doesn’t cooperate, we have separate indoor training areas. We’ll even teach your dog to safely walk on a treadmill so they can get plenty of exercise, regardless of how cold it may get outside.

Best of all, dogs in our daily enrichment program learn how to function in a pack. When you drop your dog off every day, they learn a new way of life—how to be calm and part of a pack.

Understanding the pack dynamic is crucial to the relationship you have with your dog because even if you only have one dog in your home, there’s still a pack and you’re the leader.

It all starts with a Daycare Evaluation – so hop on over to our scheduling page to pick a date/time that works for you to drop your dog off for the day.  Our Day Programs run Monday – Friday and drop-off is between 7am-9am, pick up is between 4pm-6pm.

Structured Daycare

Puppy Pack Daycare

Mentor Pack

Move Your Mutts

Finley Johnson
Our Zen version of dog daycare – we don’t do chaos over here, each dog is assessed every day on what is going to help them the most in that moment. Their day will consist of being rewarded for being calm as we practice healthy behaviors. 10 day package expires in 6 months, 20 day package expires in 1 yr. This pack is perfect for those of you that were invited to Mentor pack but couldn’t commit to 2+ times a week 🙏
$480 – 10 Day Package ($48 a day | Expires in 6 mos) $960 – 20 Day Package ($48 a day | Expires in 12 mos)
Maya Puppy
6 months or younger to join and packages expire in 90 days. What a great way to kick off your puppy’s social introductions! Schedule your daycare evaluation to get started!
$250 – 10 Day Package ($25 a day | Expires in 90 days) $500 – 20 Day Package ($25 a day | Expires in 90 days)
*Invite Only* Our mentor pack program will be focused on giving your dog purposeful work to do every day they visit us. Believe it or not, dogs would rather have a job to do than free play all day with no sense of purpose. Dogs were bred to work for humans, and the aim of our Mentor Pack is to fulfill a dog’s desire to work together with humans in a pack setting. After our initial evaluation we will meet with you to discuss specifically the work we will do with your dog and provide updates on the work we do. Our mentor dogs will spend time every day doing structured exercises with our staff such as treadmill, slat mill, swimming, and pack walking. We will offer additional enrichment to their minds in the form of group and solo obedience sessions, agility activity, nose work, and so much more. The biggest job of our Mentor Pack dogs will be sharing their calm submissive energy with other humans and dogs. Our Mentor Dogs will be able to meet a variety of new humans and dogs on a daily basis. Mentor Dogs will work alongside our staff to demonstrate how dogs and humans can work together to create balance. We may use them to demonstrate waiting respectfully at a gate, or confidently jumping up into a car, or following the human on a pack walk. The dogs who excel at play behavior will be able to entice our more nervous dogs to open up and learn hew play behaviors. A Human who has never had a nice walk with their personal dog might take the leash of one of our Mentors and realize how easy and relaxing it can be, and gain confidence in themselves. Parents will receive direct feedback from our Pack Leaders on a daily basis so you and your dog can continue to grow together on your journey to achieve balance. Your dog will love to come to work each day, and you can feel amazing bringing them home in a relaxed and fulfilled state of mind.
$400 – 10 Day Package ($40 a day | Expires in 45 days) $760 – 20 Day Package ($38 a day | Expires in 90 days)
The Move Your Mutts Program is designed to give your dog a safe and secure environment to work out their physical energy. Our team of Pack leaders will challenge your dog physically in a variety of way including Walks, Treadmill, Slat mill, Swimming, and active games such as Fetch. We pick appropriate activities based on your dog’s age, breed, and energy level. Your dog will receive plenty of time to relax in our kennels after their workout routine is over. Although we train with and amongst many of our dogs, the focus of this program is not to push your dog’s social boundaries. We will continue to be focused on helping your dog understand how to be calm and confident even when working with or near other dogs. We provide a hard chew, a soft bed, and plenty of water. We can also feed lunch and give medicine for dogs who need it. These packages must be rung up by Blaine Kennels staff. Your dates of attendance will be scheduled at that time.
$250 – 5 Day Package ($50 a day | Expires in 60 days) $450 – 10 Day Package ($45 a day | Expires in 90 days)

Dogs in our daily enrichment program learn how to function in a pack.

Our daily enrichment program is more than daycare. When you drop your dog off every day, they are learning a new way of life, how to be calm and be a part of a pack. This is the way that dogs were meant to relate to one another. You might say, “I only have one dog. Why does he need to know how to behave in a pack?” Because it’s crucial to your relationship with them. In your home, you will be the pack leader. Being part of the pack means having responsibilities and reaping the rewards. Are you ready for this? Your dog is!

Kind Words

“Holy smokes this place is amazing! They were so professional and quick to help get my fur baby registered easily. When we showed up Lois got personal attention and Thomas was nice enough to show me the facility since it was our first visit. Throughout the day (since I was that crazy mom that emailed asking about my baby) I got quick email replies and even pics of my sweetie playing with other dogs! I couldn’t have been happier with the experience and my puppy snoring next to me on the way home proved she couldn’t have been happier either. Thanks Blaine Kennel Team for helping the center of my life have an amazing day while I was at work.”