Daycare / Enrichment

Blaine Kennels provides your pet a home away from home, while you are away. It is our mission to build relationships with each of the dogs that attend our day care. It is important to us that your dog is happy and comfortable during their stay. 

Currently we're trying to further our training programs by providing only the utmost quality of stay. That means making sure we provide a safe area where dogs can further their learning with us.

Exceptional Care & Attention

The more we know about your pet, the happier they will be. We want to know all abou them. It helps us serve them better. Let us know about your pet's likes, dislikes, and any special needs. We encourage you to bring some of their comforts of home like favorite toys, freshly washed blanket or bed, food and water dishes, as well as their own food and treats. Your pet's safety and comfort is important to us. Our software allows us to keep notes of your pets likes/dislikes as well as any issues or concerns that our staff may notice during their stay. If something did not seem “normal” we will be sure to inform you when you pickup (of course if it is something of concern, we will contact you immediately).

Most dogs experience some stress during boarding, especially if it is their first time, or if they don’t come visit us often. If we notice your pet isn't eating well, or doesn’t seem to be adjusting well, we will make sure extra steps are taken to ensure they do. From extra walks, time up at the front desk, to finding the right playmate…we will use our experience to make your pets stay as comfortable as possible. We have even fried up an egg for one of our doggie guests ~ free.

Try to avoid giving your dog food or water for several hours after you get them home. On occasion, a combination of your pet being excited to see you and/or a little stressed from the boarding, can cause them to vomit if fed/watered too soon. Give them a few hours to relax and climatize to your home environment.

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The best care and attention your dog will receive,
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Additional Services We Offer:

Extra Playtime: Add an extra playtime session to your dog's day - $7.50

Bath & Nails: Includes bath, nail trimming, ears - $25 and up.

Medicine: If your pet needs medicine during their time at Blaine Kennels, we will give it to them - $1.00

Pet Supplies: For your convenience, we sell a variety of pet food, treats, and more -

Natural and Chemical Free Pet Products: Ask us about our natural flea and tick pet products and supplements.

Grooming: For more information about our grooming services, please contact us or visit our grooming page.


Outstanding Facilities

Outdoor Play Area

We have 4 outdoor play areas. Your dog will be separated by size and personality to ensure a fun play time

Personal Attention

We take pride in making sure that your dog is individually cared for and looked after! 

We love dogs

We accept all dogs into our training regardless of special needs.

Heated Floors

We have 3 separate indoor play areas. Your dog will be separated by size and personality to ensure a fun play time.


We provide Kuranda beds for each dog and our facilities have heated floors to keep your dog comfortable.

Sanitized 3 Times a Day

All of our indoor areas are sanitized 3 times a day to ensure a safe and comfortable environment

3 Indoor Play Areas

We have 3 separate indoor play areas. Your dog will be separated by size and personality to ensure a fun play time.

for our Guests

All of our dog guests are required to be up-to-date on shots (Rabies, Distemper combination, and Bordetella should be given to dogs on an annual basis. They must be up-to-date on these shots at least 10 days prior to boarding).


Our Furry Friends