Dog Behavior Questionnaire

Tell us about your dog!

Please fill out the following questionnaire as thorough as possible to the best of your knowledge.  We look forward to working with you!  Our intake process for a Dog Squad bootcamp or Puppy Development Program is:

  1. Evaluation scheduled & completed.  Congrats! you’ve gotten this completed already if you are here! 🙂
  2. Complete our Questionnaire (below)
  3. Create an account on our website & add your dog(s), including their vaccination expiration dates
  4. Our Training Team will reach out to review your questionnaire, answer any questions & schedule a start date for your dog’s program.  We will send you a great checklist of things to prepare for your dog’s arrival.
  5. You will receive an invoice for the deposit on your dog’s program (50% due to secure your start date, 50% due prior to drop-off)
  6. Your dog’s program begins!