Evaluation & Private Lessons

Dog Saying Thank You

Private Lessons for Dogs and Their People

Because we have extensive experience and training, we have unique insight and understanding of what drives your dog’s behavior. This will allow us to develop a custom plan during your dog’s evaluation that will meet your dog’s unique needs. Then we integrate this into private lessons that will help you to have the relationship you have always wanted with your pet. And our prices  are competitive.

Our trainers work with each dog using the same consistent principles based on the Power of the Pack. These principles utilize your dog’s innate desire to be in a pack. After our training process, your dog will have the confidence to be the very best version of itself.

We will also work with you to know how to help your dog feel secure and useful in any environment. We’ll give you the knowledge and tools to maintain a state of balance and calm in your dog and your home.

Your dog is ready for the challenge. Are you?