Women’s Empowerment Weekend (June 10th & 11th)

Special Guests Angela Adan (@deservingdogs) & Cole Lasher of Oregon Tails (@oregontails)
Womens Weekend

Our Women’s Empowerment event last year was an absolute hit so we are bringing it back with some exciting guests!  This year we will be gathering women together to learn the Oregon Tails Jentle Method™.  Cole Lasher with Oregon Tails and Angela Adan (@deservingdogs) will guide you as you increase the connection with your dog.

This is a 2 day workshop, 4 hours each day, where you will be working your dog the entire time.  This workshop is active, you will be on your feet, physically & mentally working.  You are welcome to take breaks as needed but please ensure you & your dog are healthy enough to be up & moving for each session.

Each day will run from 9am-1pm, followed by a light lunch and sound bath. 

There are limited Working Spots ($800 for the weekend), as well as some Audit spots ($200 for the weekend).

Jentle Method PicThe Jentle Method helps dogs, release and dissolve pre existing stress, overcome behaviors, establish leash etiquette, find / maintain neutral energy and build connection and awareness in life.  It is a series of 11 exercises increasing in difficulty.  Throughout the practice of Jentle Method, handler & dog begin to feel one another, respond to each other & ultimately begin moving together more harmoniously.  The exercises themselves give a simple structure & task to perform whereby more attention can be given to feeling the dog, how they move, where resistance, fear, lightness or energy may lie.  This helps the handler work on their timing & balance when it comes to supporting the dog through these moments & in life outside of their practice.

Through the functional movement & skills developed within Jentle Method, a two way conversation begins which can really pave a smooth path forward in life, once with more peace, enjoyment & understanding.

Cole Cole Lasher began handling / training dogs when she was 13 years with Guide Dogs for the Blind. She has since been with Oregon Tails for 10+ years. She has been all around the US teaching the Jentle Method to people and dogs. Her roots are in doing off leash pack adventures with a group of up to 55+ dogs with Oregon Tails. She helped develop the Jentle Method with Jonathan Czinder, her partner, and eventually wrote the book The Jentle Method: Leadwork. Cole’s enjoyment lies in helping dogs release their fears & insecurities to bring them to a place where their personality can flourish and they can enjoy to the fullest. She is passionate about giving women a different way of working with dogs & to help cultivate a quiet confidence in handling the dog(s) in their life. To learn more about Cole and Oregon Tails, check out this video 

Photo of a woman sitting with 4 dogsAngela Adan has been working with the best trainers in the industry for over 9 years: Cesar MilanLinn BoykeCheri Lucas and Oregon Tails to name a few. She has traveled around the world, providing training support for dogs and their families.  Angela is a master pack walker, who at one point ran a very successful pack walking business in California and now focuses on helping families solely through her training services.  She can often be found rescuing dogs, cats and even birds from dire situations then rehabilitating them and finding them suitable homes.  Angela prides herself in helping women to become the best versions of themselves and specializes in working with fearful, feral, shy, and handi-capable dogs.  

To learn more about Angela, check out one of the great articles on her work here or this recent transformation of a dog currently in her care.

Come join us for this game changing event as we learn a calm & gentle approach to better your relationship with your dog. 

There is limited availability to ensure everyone gets a unique, individualized experience.

14  Working Spots are available [your dog joins you for the day] 

20 Audit Spots are available – just bring yourself 🙂