Women’s Empowerment 2024 (May 25 or 26)

Special Guest Jojo (Jo_and_Jaxx_Dog_Psychology)
Womens Empowerment 2024

Our annual Women’s Empowerment event is an absolute hit and this year’s will be no exception!

We are gathering women together to hold a special all-day learning experience packed with state of mind, the importance of knowing and bettering oneself, and hands-on learning with dogs — all mixed in with some great smoothies, snacks, fresh air and ending with a sound bath & catered lunch.
Join us for a day of learning with Jojo (@jo_and_jaxx_dog_psychology ) as we learn about Dog Psychology, how to interpret and utilize body language (both human and canine), confidence building, leash / dog handling skills, as well as hands-on learning. Each human + dog will be worked with individually in a group setting for all to learn & support each other in our growth.
There is limited availability to ensure everyone gets a unique, individualized experience.  We have 2 date options this year- you can attend on Sat May 25 or Sun May 26th (or both!).
Jojoportrait2Joanna “Jojo” Stanford is a people person who loves to empower them to find their confidence. 
Working with dogs since 2009, Jojo started as a dog walker and grew her business into a successful and well rounded dog psychology resource with several employees and thousands of happy clients. 
Among the many trainers influential to Jo’s skillset, Cesar Millan has been the catalyst and mainstay mentor. She has learned from and worked with Cesar since 2013. She’s an official trainer for Training Cesar’s Way workshops, backstage dog manager for Cesar Millan Live shows and behavior consultant on season 4 of Better Human Better Dog with Cesar Millan on NatGeo.  
Jo sold her business, Trots Dogs, in 2021 to her staff to travel the country with her dog, Jaxx, teach dog owners and trainers the art of dog psychology, business consultation and help them bring balance and harmony to their communities. “I want to empower people everywhere to know that they can do this too!” 

Come join us for this game changing event as we better your relationship with your dog. 

There is limited availability to ensure everyone gets a unique, individualized experience.

15 Working Spots per day (bring your dog) $595
20 Audit Spots per day (human only) $200
This is going to be a game-changing event & we hope to see you!