Vaccinations- What is required?

  • Bordetella – commonly referred to as “Kennel Cough”. This vaccine is required to be up-to-date but can not have it administered within 5 days of boarding.
  • Rabies
  • Distemper

Do dogs interact with other dogs while boarding?

The short answer is no.  By default, for everyone’s safety, we do not have dogs interact with eachother.  If you would like your dog to attend daycare while boarding (only offered M-F), please schedule a Daycare Evaluation prior to boarding or request one be completed while boarding by adding the Daycare Evaluation Add-On to your boarding reservation.  

If your dog has already been approved for Daycare, you can add-on daycare to their boarding reservation by adding the Enrichment Boarding Add-On and noting they are approved for daycare, or you can use one of your Daycare Package days while they are staying with us by just scheduling the daycare days you would like them to be pulled out of boarding.

What should I bring with my dog for their boarding stay?

We supply their food and water dishes, dog beds and blankets as well as a hard chew or peanut butter kong – all you need to bring is your dog and their food and/or any medications they may need during their stay.

Do you take reactive or aggressive dogs?

We specialize in dogs that do not do well in other facilities and can accommodate reactive and/or aggressive dogs.  We do ask that you reach out to us beforehand to schedule a brief meeting with some of our team so we can get to know your dog before their stay.