Our Approach


When we are clear with our dogs on what we expect of them and provide structure, we become the leaders that our dogs need us to be. We believe that above all else, when it comes to relationships with our dogs, clarity is the greatest kindness of all.

Leveraging principles of dog psychology, we work with people and their pets to embrace the mind of a dog and live in the moment. Working with a dog’s specific needs and utilizing a range of techniques and tools, we help them move past whatever their issues may be so that they can move forward. We ask just as much, if not more, of the humans we work with as we do the dogs. In the end, you have to be the change that you want your dog to follow.

When you join our pack, we show you all that your dog is capable of instead of getting stuck in what is holding them back. We show you how to slow down your dog’s mind, become relevant, and nail your loose leash walk, among many other things. Everything we do drives toward your dog feeling fulfilled and confident so they can relax.

We can help your dog find balance and teach you how to maintain that balance when your dog returns home with you.

What our Clients are Saying

I will send any and every dog owner I know to Blaine Kennels for behavioral training. They completely changed our relationship with our dog, who—at one point—we thought we might have to re-home. It was a Google review like this one that convinced us to give Blaine Kennels a try.

We adopted our dog Ernie (a 65-pound mix) from a rescue organization when he was between eight and nine months old. He certainly had some quirks, but he’d always been pretty close to a perfect boy. Once he reached his “teenager” age, we noticed he was developing some reactivity, including fixating on other dogs on walks—not out of aggression, but out of uncertainty and excitement, though sometimes his outward manifestations appeared to be aggressive—which was very stressful for us. It got to the point where my fiancé and I were having serious conversations about our ability to meet his needs long-term; we talked many times about having to give him up.

Dog Squad Training at Blaine Kennels was our Hail Mary pass; Blaine Kennels completely changed our relationship with our dog. With their initial work during his four-week overnight stay, we were set up for total success. We learned so much during our lesson visits and got to work with him around other dogs to practice real-life scenarios we’d encounter upon bringing him home (multiple staff members have seen me cry out of amazement as his progress). And with their follow-up support, we had a smooth transition back home.

He’s still Ernie. His personality that we know and love was not stifled by the training. But he is a more confident, secure, and a calmer version of himself, which means he responds to situations on leash extremely differently. And in addition, if he shows signs of stress in an on-leash situation, we have tools and knowledge we did not have before Blaine Kennels; I feel confident in just about any situation with Ernie because of what he’s learned and what my fiancé and I learned from Blaine Kennels. We continue to send him to Move Your Mutts daycare once each week to ensure consistency, and we have been absolutely thrilled with the additional results we’ve seen. Thank you to the entire training staff for your commitment to our pup!

Alison Baker Faul