Power of the Pack

Two Dogs Running

What is the Power of the Pack?

When your dog comes onto our property, we will care for it the same way we care for every dog on our property. Every person on our team handles and interacts with dogs the same way, no matter what they are here for or how long they are here. This is called “agreement.” The entire pack must be in agreement. If humans aren’t in agreement, the dogs can’t be in agreement. Without agreement, your dog will be confused, and a confused dog is a chaotic dog.

Dogs were meant to live in a pack.

At Blaine Kennels, dogs learn how to function in a pack. Dogs were meant to relate to one another this way. You might say, “I only have one dog. Why does he need to know how to behave in a pack?”

The pack is the way that dogs structure their relationships, whether it is with you, your kids, or the dog that they meet as they are going for a walk with you. Having a healthy pack in your home will give you a healthy relationship with your dog.

Every pack needs a leader

Here, at Blaine Kennels, that leader is whoever is working with the dogs. In your home, you will be the pack leader. We can show you how to manage your energy and how to work with your dog in a way that will give your dog the natural assurance that they can be calm.

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Be part of our pack.

Joining the pack at Blaine Kennels will transform your relationship with your dog. Chaos and frustration will be replaced by peace and joy. That’s how it should be with man’s (and woman’s) best friend. Get started today! 

Dog Leader Of The Pack

Your dog is ready for the challenge. Are you?