Now Offering Financing!


$45/night – Standard Boarding Suite
4′ x 6′ epoxy sealed, heated floors. Fully air-conditioned, includes Kuranda bed, blanket, and treats. (PB kongs, stuffed bones, high-quality natural treats… if your dog has no food allergies). 5 let-outs per day beginning at 6 am.

$70/night – Dog Social Boarding Suite
Includes the same options as Standard Boarding PLUS daily daycare &/or Playgroups

$90/night – Deluxe Boarding Suite
Includes the same options as Standard Boarding but in a Deluxe 6′ x 6′ suite, premium treats and time out each day with staff, daycare or in playgroups.

$85/night – 2 Dogs Shared Standard Boarding Suite


Boarding Additional Options / Add-Ons

$20.00 – Nature Walk
Your pup will explore our amazing property with one of our pet care professionals. Acres of fenced yards, gardens, trails… just full of wildlife. So many smells, sights, and sounds for your dog to explore!

$20.00 – 1 on 1 Play Time
Individual yard time with one of our pet care professionals. Ball, Confidence Course, Nature Trails… Whatever makes your pup happy.

$20.00 – Late Checkout
Check out time is 12pm. A 1/2 day charge will be added if checkout is later than 12 pm.

$45.00 – Enrichment Boarding
Take the stress out of trying to figure out what your dog may need each day to have their stay with us be the best stay possible by adding on Enrichment Boarding to your reservation.  This option allows us to evaluate what your dog needs throughout their stay, for each day you add it on, to ensure they are relaxed and fulfilled.  Enrichment includes but is not limited to: puzzle feeder for meals, extra frozen peanut butter kongs/bones, one on one time with staff, play sessions with staff (20 min), nature walks (20 min), fetch, and even treadmill sessions if they have been previously treadmill trained (this is an additional add-on if they haven’t been trained you can add it as well).  Dogs live in the moment so there is no better way to keep them fulfilled during their stay than to determine what they need in the moment.

$150 – Learn to Treadmill
How about a challenge for your dog while they board with us? 3 sessions (3 different days) designed to teach your dog how to walk on a treadmill.  Great mental stimulation as well a physical exercise.  The goal is not to just run, it is to focus on a task for an extended period of time.  It really wipes them out mentally and is a great way to help your pup let out a bunch of energy and get settled into their boarding stay with us. 

Day Programs

All of our Day Programs require a Daycare Evaluation to determine which pack or program would be the best to set your dog up for success.  Those can be scheduled online here.  Once your dog has been approved for a program/pack your next step will be to purchase a package.  All of our day programs and daycare packs require an active package for your dog to be able to attend.  Please note that Day Camp and Move Your Mutts packages need to be purchased and scheduled by our staff – these programs have limited availability by day.

Day Programs run Monday – Friday. The drop-off window is 7am-9am, pick-up is between 4pm-6pm.

Structured Daycare

Our Zen version of dog daycare – we don’t do chaos over here, each dog is assessed every day on what is going to help them the most in that moment. Their day will consist of being rewarded for being calm as we practice healthy behaviors. 10 day package expires in 6 months, 20 day package expires in 1 yr. This pack is perfect for those of you that were invited to Mentor pack but couldn’t commit to 2+ times a week 🙏

 $450.00 – 10 Day Package               $900.00 – 20 Day Package 
($45 a day | Expires in 6 months)      ($45 a day | Expires in 12 months)

Puppy Pack Daycare

6 months or younger to join and packages expire in 90 days. What a great way to kick off your puppy’s social introductions!

 $250.00 – 10 Day Package               $500.00 – 20 Day Package 
($25 a day | Expires in 90 days)        ($25 a day | Expires in 90 days)

Reactive Dog Daycare

Yup, you read that right!  We are now offering a daycare style program for reactive and/or unsocial dogs!  We specialize in helping reactive dogs broaden their social boundaries – and we are now offering a program to do just that for your dog.  This program is designed to offer your dog a safe and secure environment to work out their physical energy & help them make progress in their problem areas. Our team of Pack leaders will challenge your dog physically in a variety of way including Walks, Treadmill, Slat mill, Swimming, and active games such as Fetch. We pick appropriate activities based on your dog’s age, breed, and energy level. Your dog will receive plenty of time to relax in our kennels after their workout routine is over.  If your dog becomes comfortable enough to begin expanding their social boundaries we will work with them to find a dog friend or two, and potentially integrate them into our Structured Daycare program.  We will continue to be focused on helping your dog understand how to be calm and confident even when working with or near other dogs.  We provide a hard chew, a soft bed, and plenty of water. We can also feed lunch and give medicine for dogs who need it. This program requires approval for attendance by scheduling a Reactive Dog Consultation

$250.00 – 5 Day Package           $275.00 – 5 Day Package             $500.00 – 10 Day Package  

($50 a day | Expires in 60 days)  ($55 a day | Expires in 60 days)     ($50 a day | Expires in 90 days)  

Mentor Pack *Invite Only*

Our mentor pack program is focused on giving your dog purposeful work to do every day they visit us. Believe it or not, dogs would rather have a job to do than free play all day with no sense of purpose. Dogs were bred to work for humans, and the aim of our Mentor Pack is to fulfill a dog’s desire to work together with humans in a pack setting. After our initial evaluation we will meet with you to discuss specifically the work we will do with your dog and provide updates on the work we do. Our mentor dogs will spend time every day doing structured exercises with our staff such as treadmill, slat mill, swimming, and pack walking. We will offer additional enrichment to their minds in the form of group and solo obedience sessions, agility activity, nose work, and so much more. The biggest job of our Mentor Pack dogs will be sharing their calm submissive energy with other humans and dogs. Our Mentor Dogs will be able to meet a variety of new humans and dogs on a daily basis. Mentor Dogs will work alongside our staff to demonstrate how dogs and humans can work together to create balance. We may use them to demonstrate waiting respectfully at a gate, or confidently jumping up into a car, or following the human on a pack walk. The dogs who excel at play behavior will be able to entice our more nervous dogs to open up and learn hew play behaviors. A Human who has never had a nice walk with their personal dog might take the leash of one of our Mentors and realize how easy and relaxing it can be, and gain confidence in themselves. Parents will receive direct feedback from our Pack Leaders on a daily basis so you and your dog can continue to grow together on your journey to achieve balance. Your dog will love to come to work each day, and you can feel amazing bringing them home in a relaxed and fulfilled state of mind.

 $400.00 – 10 Day Package               $760.00 – 20 Day Package 
($40 a day | Expires in 45 days)         ($38 a day | Expires in 90 days)

Day Camp

We will meet with our human clients to set up a personalized training regimen. We want to help our clients reach the goals they have with their dogs. Our team of Pack Leaders put in work during the day and you follow up and continue the learning process at home through homework. The daily routine will involve a variety of physical and mental challenges, learning to socialize and relax, and plenty of time to decompress in the kennel and process all the new information. Day Camp dogs will be exposed to our Mentor Pack when appropriate. We meet with pet parents for a 30 minute training review once every 5 Day Camp sessions to activities, and provide continued direction for homework. This program is unique because we do not require a minimum number of days per week. Our 5 day packages will expire in 60 days, 10 day packages expire in 90 days. Day camp will give you the flexibility to fit training into your schedule in the way that best fits your lifestyle. Our Day Camp program is an excellent option for owners who desire additional support as they are working with their dogs in a proactive way.  These packages must be rung up by Blaine Kennels staff.  Your dates of attendance and your 30 minute review(s) will be scheduled at that time.

 $645.00 – 5 Day Package               $1161.00 – 10 Day Package 
($129 a day | Expires in 60 days)      ($116 a day | Expires in 90 days)

Evaluations & Training

 $279.00 – On-Site Training Evaluation
Behavioral evaluation assessing your dog’s temperment and response to other people, animals and stimuli. Conducted at Blaine Kennels. 

$379 – Off-Site Training Evaluation
Evaluation at your home, including your dog’s interactions with other pets and family members. At this time all off-site training evaluations must be conducted outdoors and allow for social distancing.

 $229 – Training Lesson
Individualized training lesson at Blaine Kennels. At-home lessons may be provided for an additional charge.

 $49.00 – Daycare Evaluation
Drop off your dog for the day. 

Dog Squad Board & Train
A four-week intensive doggy “Boot Camp” for any level of training needed. Learn More
Now Offering Financing! 


Get Started

At Blaine Kennels, every client creates an account that is stored and accessed through the secure, cloud-based software, PetExec. From your dashboard you can reserve boarding, register for daycare, and manage all of your pet’s health information.

“The facilities were clean and orderly and the staff was professional and friendly. All three of our dogs seemed very happy and worn out after a 3 day stay. Pricing seemed fair and reasonable. Overall, it was a positive experience and we plan to use them in the future.”