Breezy and Misty started visiting Blaine Kennels when they were 12 weeks old. At the end of their 6 month training program they graduated to working the birds of S.D. . I could not ask for a better pair of hunting partners. -Breezy & Misty

My respect for the trainers at Blaine Kennels has gone to a new level. I have never seen anyone do what he did with Ben with the live birds and successfully develop bird interest in a dog. His insights: "somewhere back in his brain the interest is there and we need to help him recall it" What an amazing insight! I have been around a long time and been interested in training dogs all my life and that day with Blaine Kennels is one of the memorable moments. I have always liked Dale's methods as he does not believe in beating his dogs to arrive at a goal in training or to get compliance. This latest view of him in action further cements the esteem I have for him and his abilities as a trainer. His methods will be a continuation of the fact that Ben is a member of the family and not "just a dog" that you take hunting... Taking him in the field to hunt should be, in my mind, going with a full partner where the two of you do something together the two of you could not do alone and that furthers the wonderful relationships we have with the dog companions with whom we share our lives and our love. My thoughts are: what else does this guy know that I would be amazed by? Plenty I'll bet! Anyone can train a good dog! It is how one solves problems that separates the men from the boys. You have been lucky enough to see one of the good ones in action. -Dave

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