Obedience Training

We know dogs! In fact, we have been training dogs for 25 years. Our trainers have over 50 years of combined experience. We take great pride in our training success rate at Blaine Kennels.

And, they keep coming back! Our return clients speak volumes for our obedience training program, as they keep coming back with their 3rd and 4th dogs. Our obedience training program focuses on basic commands, such as sit, heel, down, stand, stay, and come. 

Let's have some fun too! We also offer fun classes on weekday evenings. These classes run from 6:15 pm to 7:00 pm or 7:15 pm to 8:00 pm. Classes run for 6 consecutive weeks, one night a week. Registration is required, as we keep class sizes limited to 6 dogs per class.

Next Class 

Beginner Obedience: 

Basic Beginning Obedience
Starting Tuesday, November 13th
6 weeks - every Tuesday 7:15pm - 8:00pm 

Puppy Class
Starting Tuesday, November 27th
6 weeks - every Tuesday 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Basic Beginning Obedience
Starting Wednesday, December 5th
6 weeks - Every Wednesday 7:15 - 8:00pm

Advanced Obedience:

Starting Thursday, November 29th
6 weeks - every Thursday 7:15 - 8:00pm

Starting Wednesday, December 5th
6 weeks - every Wednesday 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Call for further details or additional class times and dates 763-786-3616


• Dogs must be at least 4 months of age to attend class.
• Your dog is required to be up-to-date on shots (rabies and distemper).

Free Evaluation

The whole family is invited to come to the obedience class and evaluation. The best way for a puppy to learn is through consistency.

• We will set up a time to meet with you and your dog for a training consultation.
• We will check your dog's shot records at this time and have you pay for class.

We like to have all paperwork done before class starts. This is helpful, so that on the 1st night of class we can guide you to train your dog.


Our obedience classes are $199 dollars for six weeks. Give us a call 763-786-3616, if you have any questions or would like to sign up for class.

Contact us for a FREE demonstration or professional evaluation.



Don't have time to do the training yourself?

Are you having difficulty connecting with your dog? Has your dog already developed unwanted behaviors that need to be corrected?

Dog Squad is a 4-week intensive doggy “Boot Camp." Your pet stays with us and is trained several times each day by different members of our training staff. Your pet will learn to work with different people, and under a variety of situations…including distractions, other dogs, and humans.  Seeing is believing, as it is difficult to describe the difference in your dog's behavior in just one month with us. We have many references and testimonials, which attest to the positive improvements in the pet/owner relationship after completing Dog Squad. Call, email, or stop by to speak with a trainer. We are happy to show you what Dog Squad can do for you, your family, and your pet.

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